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Financial contribution calculator

The voluntary contributions of brands are made on a yearly basis and amount to 0.019% of their respective RMG export volume per year from Bangladesh. As an example, a brand or retailer with an RMG export volume per year from Bangladesh of 100 million USD would be providing financial support to the Pilot of 19,000 USD


If you would like to know how much your financial contribution would be, please enter here the value of your RMG orders in Bangladesh per year in million.

RMG export volume per year from Bangladesh (in million USD): Million
The voluntary contributions of brands per year in %: %
Your financial contribution amount per year
(in USD):

Participation Process

We are delighted that you and your organization are considering participating in the EIS Pilot!
To do so, please follow these steps:


Download the "Draft Voluntary Pledge" and the "Forwarding Letter" from the menu below.


Fill in both documents with your company's details. Feel free to modify the standard text of the Voluntary Pledge we drafted according to your company’s needs and remove the ‘Draft’ in the header. Print out the documents and sign them.


Send the "Voluntary Pledge" together with the "Forwarding Letter" to the following address:

International Labour Organization
4 route des Morillions
Genève 22

Participation Title Details Details
Draft Voluntary Pledge Download
Forwarding Letter Download
Annexes (1-Framework for a EIS, 2-Financial Governance, 3-Timeline of Indicators and Activities) Download

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